Page 4 - Leighton News June 2018
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Green is the colour for this month.

After a very long delay, finally there
are leaves on the trees and plenty of
grass for grazing. The handsome
fellow in pride of place on the front
cover has been hanging on our living
room wall for the last year. So, the Mid
Wales Arts Society meeting for May with a talk about
the Green Man promised to be a useful source of the
history and legend around this ubiquitous character. The
venue at the Royal Oak was packed with an extra 25
guests attending — a topic of great interest and a talk
with some surprising new theories.

There are plenty of summer activities to promote this
month — on the 9th June, we have an ever-popular
Coffee Morning, this time with a Royal theme (maybe
something to do with recent nuptials?) and on the same
day there’s the Montgomeryshire Literary Festival
but this continues until 8 pm so there would be plenty
of time to attend both events.

Then on the weekend of 23rd/24th June there’s a great
Welshpool Transport Festival. The poster on page 8 is
advertising lots of activities at the canal wharf. But
don’t forget there are many other forms of transport
represented – classic cars, vintage agricultural machines
and a selection of very early bicycles from the National
Cycle Museum at Llandrindod.

It’s always good to know just how much work on our
behalf is being carried out by our local councillors. On
page 7 our repesentative for Buttington, Hope, and
surrounding roads, Amanda Jenner, has sent us an
account of the issues and campaigns she has worked on
during her first year in office.

Steve Patricia Little Egret back on the River below Gravel Lodge.
Photo from Chris Townsend

WELSH WNO cordially invites you
NATIONAL to the World Premiere of
the rip-roaring, uproarious
OPERA musical comedy. An
unforgettable journey
Friday 29th June through the life and
7:30PM adventures of that unsung
heroine of the Welsh
Suffrage movement,
Margaret Haig Thomas, the
Viscountess Rhondda.
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