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Well we did it and it was scorching! After all our training donations so we @dylanwalt
through unseasonal snow, ice and freezing rain we get a have both surp-
heat wave and the hottest Marathon EVER! So cruel but at assed our targets. year of the NHS.
least all the hundreds of thousands of spectators along the DYLAN’S total raised (As this was also such
way enjoyed the sunshine even if we found it overwhelming. a significant run for
is £2,111.00 . Haydn Jones who
Over 41,000 runners started the Marathon which is 26.2 My (Eva’s) total is lives above the
miles long and we both were determined to reach that £2,378.70 making Village Hall here in
finish line. We cannot explain the feeling of the crowds our combined total Leighton we have
willing us along and screaming our names along with to date £4,489.70. added his own article
encouragement as we ran past them – people we will On behalf of the below.)
never see again but it just kept us smiling through the Orthopaedic Hospital Evie and Dylan x
pain. To be running past the lions in Trafalgar and all the thank you all once
again in this the 70th
iconic landmarks of
London is incred-
ible — the whole
experience is like
no other. We both
saw our family on
Tower Bridge and
friends along the
way with Martha
and Nansi shouting
our names as we ran past as they did to their Uncle
Haydn who is a legend.

Dylan’s time was an amazing 3hrs 9mins which meant he Haydn’s 13th
was 1850th overall. My (Eva’s) time was 4hrs 27mins
which meant I was the 4205th woman to finish and in Marathon.
the 2nd half only 231 runners passed me – I’ll take that!
Martha and Nansi were there to give me a hug at the Haydn’s preparations
We had supporters from Leighton, Llanfair and Oswestry for his 13th London

along with friends who marathon went well.
live in London there at the
finish in the grounds of St Eva Martha & Nansi He started from the
James’s Palace with a Blue start at
carnival atmosphere and
the biggest crowds we had Greenwich and kept
ever seen, exhilarated,
happy but absolutely up his pace time for the first 20 mile during the hottest
exhausted – we gave it our all.
ever London marathon.

He has admitted that the

last 6 miles were brutal

and very challenging.

The heat was grueling

and he finished in 3hrs

48 minutes which was

So THANK YOU everyone slightly over his target

for the good wishes and time but still very

for all the money that you respectful at the age of

have given for the Robert 56; his best time was

Jones & Agnes Hunt achieved in London in

Dylan being congratulated Orthopaedic Hospital, 2003 when he completed
by old friend Sam Gregory Oswestry. The Coffee
the 26.2 mile course in 2

morning in Leighton raised hours 53. Haydn had

an incredible £880 which shows what an amazing village decided to call it a day on Haydn
his marathon running,
it is (some of which we sent direct to the Orthopaedic).
however he will still be
Dylan and I met up with old friends and neighbours and
running, but sticking to running shorter distances. He’s
some people new to the village who were attending their
also said he’s looking forward to going to watch other
very first event so thank you all very much. Dylan
runners completing the iconic London marathon next year.
organised a Casino night and I had a Pamper & Prosecco

evening and we also had amazing support with online
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